Maestrale has spent the last twenty years building relationships with artists and craftsmen throughout Southeast Asia. Each year we travel abroad in search of exotic and exquisite handmade treasures to enhance your living space and adorn your body.

About the NameMaestrale Italian Compass Rose

Maestrale (my-stra’-le), in Italian, is the name for a strong northwest wind. Chosen because our retail store is in the Pacific Northwest, and because we love Italy, the name evokes the feeling of a strong wind carrying things, like the treasures we import from Asia.


Indian Hand Block Printing ProcessWe conduct business in a way that is culturally, socially, and environmentally responsible. We work with artisans and craftsmen in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and China, respecting their artistry, cultural aesthetics, and the diverse traditions they represent.

By making the work of indigenous artists available to you, we encourage employment opportunities, help preserve ancient traditions, and promote economic sustainability, which allows the artists’ to maintain their traditional lifestyles with dignity.